When she proudly showed her business partner her latest logo design after a long series of rejected attempts, Janice made a face and Sandra said,

“How can you not like it?”

“I told you before that concept doesn’t work for me”

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NotFair“I didn’t do anything wrong!” “Well I didn’t do anything wrong either!” was the quick retort. Is that the end of the mediation? It is if the parties have come to mediation only to assess blame. But determining who is at fault and deciding who is right and who is wrong, is the responsibility of adjudicators and judges, not mediators.

When parties are stuck in the past and stuck in a blaming cycle, they narrow their choices. They can go to a judge or arbitrator, which in this country is costly and time consuming. Or they can [click to continue…]

Why Gravity Payments Would Benefit from Mediation

As reported in the Seattle Times recently, Gravity Payments co-founder Dan Price CEO, is facing a lawsuit brought by his brother and co-founder, Lucas Price. Profits that could be going to help fund Dan Price’s decision to pay his employees a living wage of $70,000/year may end up being used to pay litigation costs. Not […]

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Fun Public Service Announceme​nt

Here’s a video from the American Bar Association with a humorous take on the world of mediation. Let me know what you think!

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Workplace Mediation Process – Tips for Success

Here’s a video I created with some communication tips. The full transcript is below: Hi, I’m Dee Knapp, President of Accord and Collaboration Dispute Resolution Services. I make it my business to help people get along with each other at work so they can get back to the business of earning an income and having […]

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Fight or Flight?

Emotions were running high.  These two were each enraged by the other.  Distrust pervaded the room.  Both had just painted a picture of the other as ill intentioned and vindictive.  Was there any way through this?  My heart pumping, I plunged in.  “You’re furious”, I said to Chris, “From your perspective, Pat is out to […]

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My Boss is a Power Freak

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What do you do when you’re feeling micro-managed?  How do you react to a new boss or one who suddenly acts as if they don’t trust you anymore?  Trust in the workplace is at the heart of many a conflict that has caused good workers to look elsewhere for work. Trust goes both ways. Trust […]

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But That’s Not Fair!

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Yes, and “life’s not fair”.  But where does that get you in the workplace? When people feel like their boss is treating them unfairly or a co-worker seemingly gets more privileges, complaints and grievances go up and morale goes down. In our society, both individualism and equality are valued, but these values can clash when […]

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Should You Bargain With the Devil?

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Sometimes employers are so offended by a grievance or an EEOC complaint that they believe if they were to sit down and negotiate with the employee, they’d be selling their souls. Sometimes employees feel like entering into a negotiation with an employer who believes they have done nothing wrong would not only be futile but […]

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What? Me? Apologize?

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“Well sure, I’ll apologize. I’m sorry you’re such a jerk.” Whoops, that kind of apology won’t help matters.  But a real sincere one, given freely with a commitment to change has provided the turning point in many a dispute. Is it realistic to expect an apology in a workplace dispute? Will either side ever be […]

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