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Dee Knapp, is a Seattle attorney with over twenty five years of experience in conflict resolution. She practiced employment law before turning her practice to mediation and conflict resolution. As president and founder, she specializes in workplace, employment, business, housing, and condo mediations. She believes that mediation as an early intervention to conflict, saves money, conserves resources and allows people to put the problem behind them.

Dee is trained and experienced in mediation of litigated cases as well as matters that are not yet before lawyers, or matters that simply involve seemingly intractable disagreements and personality differences. Dee customizes her mediation approach to fit the needs and desires of her mediation clients and works hard to understand the issues and people involved before and during the mediation in order to tailor the process accordingly. Her strengths lie in her ability to relate to people and her persistence in helping find closure when appropriate and a way forward that works.

Dee Knapp believes that conflict and conflict resolution provides an opportunity for growth and to that end offers a range of services including mediation, facilitation, training, conflict coaching and team building, designed for positive change in organizational and inter-personal relationships. With over twenty five years of experience in dispute resolution, including law, mediation and organizational development, her business, Accord & Collaboration, promotes an atmosphere of appreciation, effective conversation, and collaboration in the workplace.

All mediations, interventions and training are custom designed, client driven and designed to improve relationships as well as enhance productivity in the workplace. Your inquiries are welcome. Please explore the website and when you’re ready to get started, call (206) 367-1994 or fill out the form below.