Workplace Mediation Process – Tips for Success

Here’s a video I created with some communication tips. The full transcript is below:

Hi, I’m Dee Knapp, President of Accord and Collaboration Dispute Resolution Services. I make it my business to help people get along with each other at work so they can get back to the business of earning an income and having job satisfaction. My clients tell me that when they constructively deal with conflict it saves them time and money and productivity goes up.

If you’re having difficulty with a coworker try using these four steps: First prepare yourself for the conflict, ground your identity, then ask the other person for their perspective on the conflict and use your best active listening skills to try and understand where they’re coming from, only then should you use the third step of giving your perspective on what’s happening. Finally, as the fourth step, invite the person to problem solve with you for a collaborative win-win solution.

I specialize in workplace disputes because my clients do good work and I want them to be effective at what they do. I work with all levels in the workplace: difficulties between coworkers, between subordinates and their managers, between divisions and between executives. I’ll even work with you if the case has already been filed in court. If you’re having trouble with the conflict give me a call and if you say that you watched this video, I’ll give you a free one-hour consultation. Thanks for listening and I look forward to meeting and collaborating with you soon.

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