When she proudly showed her business partner her latest logo design after a long series of rejected attempts, Janice made a face and Sandra said,

“How can you not like it?”

“I told you before that concept doesn’t work for me”

“What’s with you???”

Janice, feeling her anger rise, turned her back and walked away. Sandra picked up the phone and dialed her spouse who listened as she vented her frustration and said once again “Maybe its time for you to get out before things get even worse”.

Is that the best way to solve the problem? Fight, flight, or give in are not your only choices. Escalating the conflict may end you in court, while quitting costs you both financially and emotionally, and conflict has a way of festering when its smoothed over. One or both people will start to recognize that their needs are not getting met and resentment will kick in leading people back to thinking that fight or flight are their only choices.

But there is a third way. Through mediation you can not only solve the problem at hand but learn skills for solving future disputes. Business partners, employees, supervisors and managers have all learned better ways of working through disagreements and conflict through mediation. Not only is the presenting problem solved, but the parties learn skills to deal with future disputes in a more productive way. Accord & Collaboration also offers training in conflict skills and conflict management to help people learn to solve problems in the workplace while maintaining important business relations.

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