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“Dee’s oral communications are clear, concise, and diplomatic and tailored to a wide spectrum of listeners. She is insightful, energetic and gifted in bringing out underlying problems with students and parties. She invests a tremendous amount of energy into whatever class she is presenting to the group. She is a patient trainer and incorporates many exercises and hands-on activities for the students. She is also flexible in her approach and adaptable and creative in changing situations. She demonstrates tremendous communication and listening skills and is very adept at coaching and problem-solving.

Dee’s application of technical knowledge and expertise is tempered by her life experiences, making her a rare commodity – a mix of incomparable technical knowledge with compassion and understanding.”

–Chris Koser, retired, Director Seattle Federal Executive Board ADR Consortium

“[The mediation] was excellent, professionally done, the mediators insured that dignity was preserved and they were artful in bringing the other participant along despite resistance”

–Mediation participant Snohomish County

“Dee brings a lovely combination of intelligence and compassion to all of her work.”

–Laura Pierson, Softek, Inc.

“You earned the trust and respect of both sides through your commitment and dedication to the process [of mediation].”

–Tracy L. Bradford, Esq. DLA Piper US LLP

Comments from Class Participants

“Your presentation was very informational.
Great job!”

“Very well presented, instructors were very knowledgeable.”

“Great presentation/explanation.”

“Excellent class, enjoyed Dee’s teaching style.”

“Great class, much appreciated.”

“Very good class, presented very well, was even kinda fun.”

“Overall, excellent class.”

“I had an enjoyable productive time.”